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Thanks to scientific advancements, driving in Oklahoma gets a little safer every year.  However, technology hasn’t found a way to eliminate the leading cause of auto accidents: careless driver mistakes.  Until our streets are traveled by self-driving vehicles, preventable crashes will continue to cause injuries and claim lives.

If you, your parent, your spouse, or your child was hurt in a car crash for which you were not at fault, you may be able to get compensated for your pain and suffering, your medical bills, and income losses related to the accident.  Supported by more than 75 years of combined experience handling auto accident claims in Grady County, Oklahoma, the attorneys of Hasbrook & Hasbrook may be able to help.

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Hasbrook & Hasbrook has established a reputation as a trusted personal injury firm serving Grady County, Oklahoma.  Our attorneys handle car accident claims throughout Grady County, including Chickasha, Ninnekah, Tuttle, Rush Springs, Minco, Norge, Amber, Blanchard, Bridge Creek, and other towns and cities located in the area surrounding Oklahoma City.

With our tough, vigorous negotiation strategies and expansive knowledge of traffic and insurance laws in Oklahoma, we are often able to increase the amount of compensation crash victims are able to recover.  You will never pay us any legal fees unless we are able to recover compensation for you.

Call our law offices right away at (405) 698-3040 to set up a free legal consultation with Hasbrook & Hasbrook.  We can help determine whether you have a car accident claim in Grady County, and if so, advise you on how you may wish to proceed with your claim going forward.  Your information will be kept confidential.

Were You Injured in a Car Crash on I-44 in Grady County? 

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office reports that there were more than 68,000 auto accidents across Oklahoma in 2014.  Just over 850 of these accidents took place in Grady County.  A total of 50 Grady County car crashes in 2014 resulted in severe, “incapacitating” injuries, and tragically, 13 of the accidents proved fatal.

Many of the crashes reported in Grady County took place on rural highways, interstate turnpikes, county roads, and urban highways, such as I-44, US-62, US-81, US-277, SH-9, SH-17, SH-19, SH-92, and the H.E. Bailey Turnpike.  City streets throughout Grady County’s communities were also major sites for accidents, accounting for nearly 225 crashes in 2014.

Regardless of whether a crash takes place on a congested highway like I-44 or a quiet rural road through Pocasset, there is always potential for serious, potentially disabling or fatal injury.  Examples of severe injuries and medical complications which can result from auto accidents in Oklahoma include:

As personal injury lawyers handling a wide range of practice areas, the attorneys of Hasbrook & Hasbrook have extensive first-hand experience analyzing the causes and effects of numerous injuries and their complications.  We will consult with your physician and medical experts as necessary in our tireless effort to prove not only that the accident caused or substantially aggravated your injuries, but the extent to which your personal life and earning capacity have been negatively impacted by the crash.

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How Much Compensation Can You Get for a Car Accident in Blanchard, Oklahoma? 

Under Oklahoma insurance laws, all motorists are required to carry, at minimum, the following liability insurance coverages:

The purpose of liability insurance is to cover the other driver’s expenses after an accident for which the policyholder is at fault.  Depending on what sort of auto insurance you carry, you may also be able to receive compensation through your own insurance company by making a PIP claim (Personal Injury Protection).  If the driver who hit you does not have any or adequate insurance, or if you were the victim of a hit-and-run accident, UM/UIM (Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist) coverage can also provide benefits.  Our attorneys will carefully review your insurance policy and the circumstances of the accident to determine a strategy that best serves your interests as an injury victim in Grady County.

In some cases, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will refuse to settle.  If this occurs, our aggressive car accident attorneys will prepare to bring your case to court.  In Oklahoma, personal injury victims are limited to receiving $350,000 in compensation for pain and suffering, called “non-economic damages.”  Financial or “economic” damages, such as medical bills, are not subject to caps or limits.  In addition to pain and suffering and your current and projected income losses, compensation for current and projected medical bills such as hospitalization, physical therapy, and surgery may be recoverable.

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If you or your loved ones were hurt in a car accident on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike or other roads or highways in Grady County, Hasbrook & Hasbrook is here to help.  Call our law offices at (405) 698-3040 right away to learn more about your Oklahoma car accident claim in a free legal consultation.