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Every year, more than 60 people across Oklahoma under the age of 15 drown. During the hot months of summer, it is always a treat to be able to hop into the pool and cool off. Parents enjoy taking their children to the local community pool and allowing their youngsters to splash around, however, swimming is not always safe, and unfortunately, can lead to drowning and death. More than three-fourths of drownings occur outdoors in natural bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds and these numbers increase during the summer.

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Preventing Accidental Drownings in Oklahoma

No one wants to hear about a child drowning, and it is a sad reality that these accidents happen every day. Some of the ways to avoid unnecessary drowning’s are:

In addition, it is always a good idea to take a CPR class. Many local ambulance agencies offer free classes, as well as community colleges and recreational agencies.

Warning Signs Someone is Drowning

A drowning can happen when you have your back turned for a minute, that is why it is always a good idea to maintain vigilance when you have a child swimming. However, even if you are watching your child you may not be sure what they are doing, are they just swimming and playing, or are they distressed. Remembering the following tips can help you identify when someone is drowning.

Many parents rely too heavily on lifeguards at local and community pools. While lifeguards do undergo some form of training, they are not always able to devote the absolute attention that your child deserves.

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Who is Liable in a Drowning Accident?

Trying to determine who is liable when there has been a drowning is not always an easy thing. The answer depends on where and how they were injured. For a person to maintain a premises liability action they need to prove the following:

However, children may also be injured by faulty pool drains, which can pin a child underwater. In those cases, you may be able to file a products liability claim against the company for knowingly building a drain without enough safeguards to protect children from getting stuck in it.

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