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As home to the University of Oklahoma and a bustling population of nearly 120,000 residents, Norman is one of the largest cities in the state. That also means its roads are some of the most congested and accident-prone. If you were injured in a car accident in Norman or the surrounding towns, you may be entitled to compensation for your current and future hospital bills, medical bills, lost income, and other costs related to the crash. The automotive accident attorneys of Hasbrook & Hasbrook are here to help you and your family fight to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Attorneys Representing Personal Injury Victims in Norman, OK

After you’ve been in a serious crash or collision, there are dozens of questions on your mind. How will I pay for my medical bills? How will I afford to repair or replace my vehicle? Do I have a case for suing the other driver? This is all new to me, what do I have to do next? These are common questions our attorneys hear all the time. We will sit down with you and your family to guide you, counsel you, and keep you informed of possible options and strategies at each and every stage of the litigation process.

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When you work with Hasbrook & Hasbrook, you can feel confident your case is being handled by a respected and results-driven firm. Our knowledgeable, accomplished attorneys combine over 75 years of experience handling complex car accident cases throughout the city of Norman, including Franklin, City Center, Brookhaven, Hallbrooke, Royal Oaks, Castlerock, Hall Park, Campus Corner, and Miller. To set up a free and confidential legal consultation with Hasbrook & Hasbrook, call our law offices at (405) 698-3040.

Common Types of Driver Error: How Negligence Causes Car Accidents

Every single driver on Oklahoma’s roads has a legal obligation to other drivers, as well as pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, and motorcyclists. This obligation, called the “duty of care,” makes every driver responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to avoid causing injury or death to another person. When a driver deviates from this duty by carelessly making an illegal or unsafe driving maneuver, it is called negligence. If another person is harmed or killed as a result of negligent driving, the driver who caused the accident may be liable for compensating the injury victim, or, in the case of wrongful death, the decedent’s surviving family.

The alarming fact is that many car accidents are caused by careless, reckless, or intoxicated drivers making preventable errors. Some common human factors that cause or contribute to avoidable accidents include:

According to a recent report released by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, in 2013 the city of Norman reported a total of 2,956 crashes. Eight were fatal, 62 caused incapacitating injuries, and 297 caused non-incapacitating injuries. More than 2,000 of these accidents occurred on city streets, such as:

Major routes and highways that pass through Norman include:

How Much Compensation Can a Plaintiff Be Awarded for a Crash or Collision?

Compensation is also referred to as “damages.” The amount of compensation a plaintiff may be awarded varies from one case to the next, depending on factors like:

Most damages in a car crash lawsuit fall under the category of “compensatory damages,” which, unlike punitive damages, are meant purely to compensate the plaintiff for his or her present and projected losses.

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Some compensatory damages are “economic,” which means they are based on calculable losses. Examples of economic damages include current and future bills for surgery and medical devices, as well as lost income and earnings. There is no cap or limit on economic damages in Oklahoma.

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Other damages are “noneconomic,” because they relate to losses that aren’t quite so easy to calculate. Even though noneconomic damages can’t be objectively measured, they often represent the most devastating losses suffered by plaintiffs. Some examples of noneconomic damages include pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. Oklahoma caps noneconomic damages at $350,000.

If you were hurt in a car accident in Norman, OK or the surrounding area, you and your family may be able to recover significant compensation. Call the car accident injury lawyers of Hasbrook & Hasbrook at (405) 698-3040 to schedule a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation today.