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A car accident can change every part of your life, burdening you with chronic pain and massive medical expenses while interfering with your ability to go to work or school.  If you were not at fault for the auto accident that caused your injuries, you shouldn’t be held responsible for the devastation that resulted.  Depending on how and why the crash occurred, you could be entitled to compensation.  The experienced Stroud car accident attorneys of Hasbrook & Hasbrook are here to help you understand your legal rights and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation on your behalf.

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Our Lincoln County car crash lawyers will carefully scrutinize your claim from every angle to build the most compelling and comprehensive strategy on your behalf.  We are known as aggressive negotiators, and should the insurance company refuse to settle, are ready to take your case to court.  We will protect your rights as a car accident victim in Lincoln County, always working to obtain the greatest amount of compensation possible.  Our firm has established a reputation for providing friendly and personalized assistance while serving as a tough legal ally in court and during settlement negotiations.

Our attorneys handle crash injury claims in Meeker, Prague, Chandler, Stroud, Carney, Davenport, Wellston, and communities throughout the Lincoln County and Oklahoma City areas.  We bring over 75 years of combined experienced to each matter we handle.  Call our law offices at (405) 698-3040 today to set up a free and confidential legal consultation.  We’re here to help determine whether you could have an auto accident claim in Lincoln County.

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Were You Injured in a Car Crash on Interstate 44 in Lincoln County?

Many car accidents result in moderate, severe, or fatal injuries for the vehicle occupants.  Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists can also be injured or killed in crashes and collisions.  The risk of injury or death is especially high in crash scenarios that involve high speeds or multiple vehicles, which makes local highways such as I-44, US-62, US-177, US-377, SH-18, SH-66, SH-99, and SH-102 particularly dangerous for drivers.

Even when drivers and passengers wear their seatbelts and travel in vehicles that are equipped with airbags, the risk of injury or wrongful death persists.  Examples of serious injuries and health complications that can result from Oklahoma auto accidents include:

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO), there were close to 350 auto accidents in Lincoln County in 2014.  Sadly, 10 of these crashes resulted in death.  Another 26 crashes in the county resulted in injuries that were serious enough to be classified as “incapacitating” by OHSO.

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Getting Compensated for a Car Accident Injury Caused by Negligence 

Various studies have shown that human errors are responsible for approximately 90% of car accidents in the United States.  If you were injured in a crash or collision, there is a fair likelihood that the other driver was at fault for the accident.  If the other driver caused your accident by being reckless or negligent, his or her insurance company may be responsible for your medical expenses and property damage.

Determining fault is an important component of every insurance claim and personal injury lawsuit involving a car accident in Oklahoma.  The injury victim is responsible for proving that he or she was harmed in a preventable accident that occurred due to the negligent actions of the other motorist.  Many different sources of information can potentially be used to help prove the fault of the other driver, including but not limited to police accident reports, eyewitness testimony, medical records, expert opinions, crash site photographs, analysis of wreckage, and traffic camera footage.  It is also helpful to compare each driver’s actions against the relevant traffic law, such as state laws about speed limits or following distance.

Depending on the situation, compensation may be recoverable for pain and suffering, lost earnings, and various medical bills, such as physical therapy and surgery.  Oklahoma does not limit compensation for financial losses (“economic damages”), though non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, are capped at $350,000.

With regard to insurance coverage, drivers are required by Oklahoma’s liability insurance laws to carry at least $25,000 of coverage for personal injury (per person) and at least $50,000 of coverage for personal injury (per accident).  Drivers must also carry $25,000 of coverage for property damage.  We will review your insurance policy carefully to determine an appropriate strategy for best protecting your financial interests.

At Hasbrook & Hasbrook, we dedicate close personal attention to every claim and lawsuit we handle.  We are proud to fight for the rights of car accident victims in Lincoln County, Oklahoma.  To talk about your potential claim in a free legal consultation, call our law offices at (405) 698-3040 as soon as possible.