Chad Peery Lawsuit Filed

Nearly everyone has heard the terrible news story about Chad Perry and the bar fight at the Dan O’Briens Restaurant and Pub in Oklahoma City.

Mr. Peery (his attorneys) filed a civil lawsuit earlier this week against the idiots that beat him up, as well as the bar. For those interested, here’s a copy of the Petition. Bob Thomlinson at Thomlinson, Rust, McKinstry & Grable P.C. filed the suit. In addition to the battery claim against Rinken, Smith and Lopez, the suit alleges that the Dan O’Briens pub was negligent.

I’m sure Mr. Thomlinson is well aware of the “tort reform” that went into effect on November 1. That’s likely why the lawsuit was filed on October 31, 2011. Filing the lawsuit after the 31st would have limited Mr. Peery’s right to a civil recovery (but helped the insurance company that insures Dan O’Briens).

Some of the laws that went into effect this week that help insurance companies at the expense of people:

House Bill 2128

“In all jury trials the jury shall return a general verdict, and no law in force nor any law hereafter enacted, shall require the court to direct the jury to make findings of particular questions of fact”

Senate Bill 862

Senate Bill 865

House Bill 2023