7 Tips to Reduce the Risk of a Propane Explosion Accident in Oklahoma City

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 29, 2016 Safety Tips

Every summer, millions of Oklahomans fire up their grills for backyard barbeque parties.  Many use propane grills, which, while cleaner than messy charcoal, can cause deadly explosions or burns if damaged by defects.  Here, our Oklahoma City burn injury lawyers offer up seven simple tips for reducing the risk of a gas grill explosion this+ MORE

Driver Errors May Cause up to 90% of Car Accidents in Oklahoma

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 28, 2016 News

Despite having a relatively low population of about 3.9 million residents, there were close to 70,000 crashes in Oklahoma alone in 2014.  These crashes caused hundreds of deaths and more than 22,000 injuries, about 10% of which were classified by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office as being “incapacitating” to the victim.  While traffic laws and+ MORE

ATV Accidents a Summer Hazard

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 27, 2016 News

Summer time means people are spending more time outdoors and that means people will be out taking advantage of the weather and riding all-terrain vehicles or ATV’s. These vehicles are designed to, as their name implies, be driven on any terrain. However, despite their durability and ruggedness, they can cause severe and deadly injuries. Recently,+ MORE

Highway Safety Office Releases 2015 Oklahoma Car Accident Statistics

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 26, 2016 News

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) is a comprehensive resource for car accident statistics.  Every year, OHSO publishes a series of reports on car crashes, motorcycle crashes, DUI accidents, car accidents during the holidays, and many other subjects.  By comparing these numbers from year to year, it’s possible to get an idea of whether automotive+ MORE

Lawn Slip and Slides Are a Paralysis Injury Hazard for Teens this Summer

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 25, 2016 News

Lawn slides are a classic icon of summertime fun.  These devices send children whipping at high speeds down slick sheets of plastic, almost like an instant waterslide for your yard.  It’s a thrilling way to get a rush while staying cool in the heat, but lawn slides can also pose serious safety hazards.  If your+ MORE

Fourth of July Causes a Spike in Fatal Oklahoma Car Accidents

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 22, 2016 News

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) releases annual reports on when and where crashes occur throughout the state, revealing information about Oklahoma’s top 20 cities for fatal car accidents.  In addition to publishing reports on counties and cities, OHSO also compiles data on accidents during various holidays, including Independence Day.  The following statistics are sourced+ MORE

Do You Need a Lawyer to Negotiate a Car Accident Settlement?

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 20, 2016 Legal Information

If you’ve visited our legal blog before, you may have seen our article about whether you need an insurance company to settle a car accident claim.  This time, we’re shifting the focus onto whether you need an attorney.  While it may seem biased for an Oklahoma City car accident lawyer to advise hiring an attorney+ MORE

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 19, 2016 Legal Information

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as many as 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs annually. A troubling statistic is that with 60% of these victims are children.  The Centers for Disease Control also has estimated half of all children who are under the age of 12 have been bitten by a+ MORE

What Types of Dog Breeds Cause the Greatest Number of Deaths and Injuries?

By Clayton HasbrookJuly 18, 2016 Legal Information

All types of dogs — including, as we’ll discuss, some unexpected culprits — are capable of inflicting nasty, sometimes life-threatening bite wounds.  However, some breeds pose a greater threat than others.  And, with warm summer weather bringing more animals and people together outdoors, the risk of being bitten or injured increases.  If your child was+ MORE