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Yamaha Rhino ATV recall not going “down under”

The recent recall of Yamaha Rhino ATVs is not extended to Yamaha Australia.  The AU News article contrasts this to the Yamaha US press release stating that owners should “not operate your Rhino until it is modified with these repair parts.” 

The article adds:

  • Up to 150,000 Rhino ATVs repaired in the US
  • Involved in 46 recorded deaths
  • Yamaha facing 200 current lawsuits
  • Most of the 200-odd claims facing the US manufacturer from American
    buyers revolve around crush injuries from arms and legs exiting the
    vehicle in such rollovers.
  • The US Product Safety Commission found that “of the rollover-related deaths and hundreds of reported
    injuries … many appear to involve turns at relatively low speeds and on
    level terrain”.
  • Yamaha is facing at least one claim so far involving the Rhino ATV in Australia