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Tort Reform/Amnesty

Bill Kumpe, a Tulsa attorney, posts his newsletters on his website.  His January 2009 Newsletter leads with “SO-CALLED TORT REFORM WILL BLOCK THE COURT HOUSE DOORS TO AVERAGE CITIZENS.” 

Mr. Kumpe points out some of the facts that the advertisements funded by large companies and insurance companies fail to mention.  He recommends calling the proposed “tort reform” legislation “The Plaintiff’s Are Guaranteed to Lose Act of 2000.” 

Note:  I personally do not know Mr. Kumpe.  He describe’s his practice as “an emphasis on business transactions, small buiness entity formation, estate planning, probate and administrative law.”  He definitely can’t be called an “ambulance chaser” with that description. He’s not the typical advocate that fights for the rights of injured Oklahomans.  He just appears to have a lot of common sense! 

Mr. Kumpe goes on to describe the unconstitutional tort reform as constitutional blackmail that “heavily weigh[s] the scales of civil justice in favor of lenders, insurance companies and large business interest[s].”