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Premises Liability Lawsuit Against Aurora Theatre Clears Legal Hurdle

After the tragic Aurora theatre massacre, some of the victims and survivors decided to initiate a lawsuit against the theatre itself. According to a recent article, the plaintiffs have recently cleared a major legal hurdle.

In mid-April, the federal judge hearing the case determined that the case against Cinemark, the company that operated the movie theatre where the massacre occurred, could go forward. In his opinion, the judge noted that the decision was not easy.

In his opinion, United States District Court Judge R. Brooke Jackson wrote, “I suspect that many people, despite overwhelming sympathy and grief for the victims of the Aurora theater shootings, might upon hearing about these lawsuits have had reactions like, ‘How could a theater be expected to prevent something like this?’ I confess that I am one of those people.”

Plaintiffs alleged that the operators of Century Aurora 16 practiced a pattern of lax security which enabled suspect James Holmes to enter the theatre on that fateful night. The plaintiffs are asking for an unspecified amount of damages that will “fully and fairly compensate” them for the damages they sustained. Judge Jackson allowed the claim of wrongful death to go forward, as well as another claim filed under Colorado’s Premises Liability Act.

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