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Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Lowe’s

A woman has recently filed suit against home improvement store, Lowe’s, alleging that she was struck with an electric cart. The lawsuit alleges that the employee who was driving the electric cart was drunk at the time he struck the woman.

The electric pallet cart was filled with mulch when it struck Francine Lombardo. Lombardo believes that the employee who was driving the cart was drunk because he “smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes and slurred speech.” According to the lawsuit, after Lombardo was struck, three employees arrived to escort the pallet cart operator to another part of the store, but did not immediately help Lombardo.

Lombardo waited for 15 minutes before the store manager brought her a bag of ice and told her to go to the hospital. According to the complaint, the accident caused Lombardo to sustain aggravation of a previously existing condition, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

The lawsuit alleges that Lowe’s created a dangerous condition by allowing an employee who was intoxicated or otherwise unqualified to operate a dangerous piece of machinery inside the store and in

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