Oklahoma City’s 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

Oklahoma City authorities have recently released a list of the city’s 10 most dangerous intersections. Seven of these 10 intersections where motorists should exercise extra caution are located along the same road: the Northwest Expressway.

Standing at the top of the list is the notorious intersection of Belle Isle and Northeast Expressway, which saw 58 car accidents in 2011 alone. According to Oklahoma City public works director Eric Wegner, “As much as we put up signs and engineer, we are finding cars that make illegal turns from Northwest Expressway.”


I-44 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the latest victims of the Belle Isle intersection was 35-year-old Adam Steele, who was driving his motorcycle when he collided with a Jeep on the Interstate 44 westbound off-ramp. Although the lane the Jeep was in was intended for drivers to continue straight onto the Northwest Expressway, the driver of the Jeep turned into Steele’s lane.

Officials report that most accidents are the result of driver error, rather than intersection design. Drivers seem to be aware of this, too. According to one driver interviewed, “The number of people that run red lights is absolutely amazing.”

The list of the ten most dangerous intersections is reproduced below.

  1. N.W. Expressway and Belle Isle Blvd.
  2. N.W. Expressway and Rockwell
  3. N.W. Expressway and Portland
  4. N.W. Expressway and N.W. 63rd St.
  5. N.W. Expressway and Lake Hefner Parkway (east side)
  6. N.W. Expressway and Pennsylvania Ave.
  7. N.W. 39th Expressway and Meridian
  8. N. MacArthur and Reno Ave.
  9. S. Western Ave. and S.W. 59th St.
  10. N.W. Expressway and Lake Hefner Parkway (west side)

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