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Nursing Home Abuse & Wrongful Termination “Double-Whammy”

The Tulsa World reported this week a Mannford woman is suing for wrongful termination after she reported nursing home abuse and neglect of facility’s residents. 

Some of the disturbing parts of the article:

“Mrs. Harris observed a male
resident who had been left in his own waste for so many hours that he
had feces caked on to his leg from his hip to below his knee, and had
wet himself at least one time,” the petition said.

saw the man sitting in his waste and reported it to her supervisor, the
head nurse and two nurse’s aides. Her supervisor sprayed deodorant in
the man’s room to cover the smell. The aides said they would leave him
for the next shift.

“Two and a half hours later, he was still sitting in his own waste,”
Harris said. “He couldn’t say nothing. I would always talk to him. He
would just light up when I went to clean his room. It’s heartbreaking
when you see a resident not being taken care of.”

[A]n elderly woman paralyzed
from the waist down was left in her own waste, Harris said. She rolled
out of the bed and into the hallway to get someone to change her soiled
garments and the nurses “just laughed at her,” Harris said.

Harris reported each instance
of neglect or abuse to the facility’s staff. But once the staff learned
she intended to seek the advice of her husband, Jerry, a retired
private investigator known for exposing elder abuse, she was fired, the
petition said.

Note that Mrs. Harris was only an employee of the nursing home for 3 months!