Kevlar inside football helmets!

Did you know some NFL players are getting Kevlar retrofitted into their helmets? I sure didn’t (mind you, this is a press release on Yahoo’s Finance site, via the manufacturer):

UNEQUAL Technologies®, the premier provider of head and body armor for soldiers and athletes, congratulates the Pittsburgh Steelers on their 35 to 7 victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. Several Pittsburgh Steelers players’ helmets were fitted with Unequal’s patented Concussion Reduction Technology (CRT™) — a patented composite for head trauma made with military grade technology and fused with DuPont™ Kevlar® that is five times stronger than steel and considered the world’s best shock suppression material.
CRT™ saw action in the Steelers’ helmets when James Harrison, their star All-Pro linebacker, was injured in a collision with a Houston Texans player and suffered an orbital fracture in his right eye socket. There was no timetable for his return. Unequal was contacted to put CRT™ in Harrison’s helmet. Subsequently, Harrison was cleared to play ahead of schedule and returned to the lineup against the Baltimore Ravens, where he decimated Ravens’ QB, Joe Flacco, with four incredible sacks.
After the victory over the Ravens, Mr. Harrison called Rob Vito, Unequal’s CEO, to thank him for putting Unequal CRT™ in his helmet, proclaiming it was the first time he did not experience post-game head pain or ringing in his ears. Harrison said CRT™ was incredible protection and gave him the confidence to stay aggressive on the field.

A few thoughts:
1) That was Harrison’s first time that he did not experience post-game head pain or ringing in his ears??
2) If this actually reduces the chance of a concussion (and other head trauma), why aren’t high school and college players using it?

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