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Oklahoma City Construction Accident Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured in a construction accident in Oklahoma, you probably have many questions. You wonder:

  • Can I receive compensation for my injuries?
  • What if I can’t work for an extended period of time, how will I pay my bills and support my family?
  • What if my employer insists that I visit “their” doctor, not my own?
  • In short, what are my rights?

At Hasbrook & Hasbrook, our construction accident attorneys can help you find answers to question like these and many more. We will fight tooth and nail on your behalf to ensure you receive all of the compensation to which you are entitled, as well as the medical care you need and deserve.

You should know that the insurance adjusters who represent employers in worker’s compensation matters have a well-earned reputation for denying claims outright, denying claims for necessary medical care, and quickly determining that legitimate expenses related to the construction accident are not necessary or the responsibility of another party. Many of these insurance adjusters also require the injured construction worker to consult with a doctor of their own choosing, not a doctor chosen by the worker. Needless to say, this doctor is frequently paid by the insurance company for his or her services, i.e. his or her “friendly” diagnosis.

Another tactic often used by insurance companies, and the legions of lawyers who represent them, is to offer the injured construction worker a speedy settlement, one that is likely worth far less than the injured worker would receive if represented by an Oklahoma City construction accident attorney.  Sadly, many injured construction workers, when presented with such an offer and unable to make a living as a result of their injuries, take the offer to meet immediate expenses. They then regret having done so when it proves inadequate to meet future medical costs and lost wages.

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a construction accident, it is advisable to speak with an attorney before speaking with your employer’s claims adjusters—let alone their attorneys. The Oklahoma City construction accident attorneys at Hasbrook & Hasbrook understand their tactics and how best to combat them. We know the law, we know your rights, and are 100-percent committed to helping you during this difficult time. We can help you get the medical care you need now, in the future, and the compensation you deserve for lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation.