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Oklahoma City Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

When your insurance company fails to pay on a claim or denies a claim you may be the victim of a bad faith insurance claim. Call a bad faith insurance claim attorney at Hasbrook & Hasbrook today. 

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Attorneys in Oklahoma City

You didn’t think anything of it when you raced into St. Anthony Hospital after you hurt yourself at McKinley Park – after all, you have comprehensive health insurance coverage that covers emergencies like this.

And even though it turns out it was nothing but a sprain, the doctor on call gave you a prescription for some medication to ease the pain – but there’s no reason to worry, your insurance covers that, too.

But when you filed the claim, your insurance carrier told you that this type of injury wasn’t covered, and that you wouldn’t be enjoying the benefits you expected.

Is there a chance that you were wrong? That you misread the fine print?

Probably not. Instead, you might be the victim of a bad faith insurance claim. And one of our Oklahoma City bad faith insurance attorneys knows exactly how to help.

Acting in Good Faith

Individuals around the nation put their faith in a variety of insurance carriers, with the expectation that coverage will be provided based on terms of the agreement. You part with your hard-earned money, and you expect a service in return.

After all, this is how most transactions work – why should insurance policies be any different?

They shouldn’t; yet oftentimes, carriers will choose not to respond to your notification, forget to let you know about your coverage changes, or even deny you payment altogether – and for no good reason.

So let us help. Our bad faith insurance attorneys in Oklahoma City are knowledgeable and experienced, and will work aggressively to acquire you the payment you deserve.

You bought an insurance policy and assumed that it would compensate you if you suffered a loss. Maybe it was for damage to your vehicle or home, personal injury, a catastrophic event, or any number of other potential damages all of us purchase insurance for in the first place. Now your insurance provider is refusing to pay. If this sounds like the situation you find yourself in, you need the help of the Oklahoma City insurance attorneys at Hasbrook & Hasbrook. The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies have financial incentives to fight any and every claim.

Practicing bad faith insurance and insurance fraud is illegal, and often involves discounting, delaying or denying the just payment of claims. In the United States, insurance companies are bound by what is known as a “covenant of good faith and fair dealing” in how they treat policyholders. This means that, in essence, they are under the obligation to pay legitimate claims. If they breach this covenant, they are acting in bad faith, and may even be liable for deceptive trade practices.

How do insurance companies try to get away with it? Here are but a few examples:

  • Their medical examiner overrules your doctor’s diagnosis
  • Badgering you with unnecessary paperwork in the hope that you will simply give up
  • Cancelling your policy retroactively
  • Classifying your injury as an illness, not an injury
  • Denying your claim outright
  • Offering to settle for a very small portion of the claim

Our Oklahoma insurance attorneys can help you make a claim for actual damages, consequential damages, and punitive damages. We have been involved in insurance law disputes regarding all of the following and more:

If your insurance company is waging war on your claim, contact the Oklahoma City insurance attorneys at Hasbrook & Hasbrook to wage war on your behalf. You will not have to pay us for our representation unless we obtain compensation on your behalf. You’re not alone. We are here for you. Give us a call today.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

In many cases of bad faith claims, insurance carriers will delay payment for extended periods, barring you from access to the compensation you deserve.

But this isn’t the time to sit around and wait – the longer you wait to deal with this issue, the more difficult it will be to recover payment down the road. And you are still required to pay for any outstanding medical bills, no matter the actions of your carrier.

If you believe that you were sold an insurance policy in bad faith and would like to file a claim, contact our attorneys today.