Our firm switched to SaaS because it makes the tech side of things easier. It does everything the onsite software does, except it’s easier to update, to implement, and it’s painless to access from anywhere. Here’s the basics of what we use to manage our practice:

Email and Calendar: Google Apps

Case Management Software: AdvologixPM

Document Management Software: NetDocuments

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Recent studies have linked the active ingredient (propoxyphene) in Darvon and Darvocet to serious and sometimes fatal heart rhythm abnormalities. The FDA requested the withdrawal of the products last week. Calls for the products withdrawal have been ongoing for years....
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This is almost always a non-issue. After all, with I-35 running through our great state, accidents with motorists from out-of-state are bound to happen. Example: Someone from Texas rear-ends you here in Oklahoma City. Where can you bring a case against this person,...
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