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Your Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys

Experienced, Accessible, and Approachable

We’re not your typical law firm – we put client satisfaction and service first. The attorneys at Hasbrook and Hasbrook serve Oklahomans injured or wronged by the actions of others. As Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys, we choose to represent people instead of corporations and insurance companies. We are committed to helping the injured, the disabled and the grieving, whether rich or poor, to obtain compensation for wrongful injury or death.

What happens when you contact us?

  • We provide free consultations on all personal injury cases, including Oklahoma City car accidents.
  • An experienced Oklahoma City personal injury attorney will talk with you to learn the facts of your case.
  • We will advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of your potential claim.
  • We will mutually determine if our firm should represent you to pursue your legal rights and remedies.

What happens when you hire us?

  • We advise and guide you through the justice system.
  • We keep you informed and up to date on the status of your case.

Need help? We offer free consultations and you only pay if we win on your behalf.


Need help? We offer FREE Consultations. Only pay if you win!

Please remember that on a website we are unable to provide legal advice specific to your case. The information you read here is general in nature and is primarily provided to help you decide which law firm is best suited to represent you. For information specific to your case, contact us to discuss the facts and the law as it applies to your situation.